Integration of BI solutions and partnerships with leading manufactures

At Métrica we help companies to schedule manage and build their digital transformation. Transforming to rich data, improving capabilities and boosting performance in the organization.

Big data & analytics allow the exploration of data to identify new opportunities for improving products and services. These are some of their benefits:

Decision making

Analyzing the information in the real time. And choosing decisions based in treated rich data.

Cost reductions

Big Data technologies offer a significant costs reduction as long as the storing of big amounts of data is optimized.

New services and products

Improve the capability to quantify the customer’s requirements and measure their satisfaction, which allows us to build better products and services that reflect the customer preferences and/or requirements.

We develop value for our customers through information analysis using dashboards and reporting tools.

Analysis tools that allow the final user to self-service their own business data, achieving decision making with all the needed knowledge.
We work with the best manufacturers to bring their best to the digital projects of our clients, providing robust, effective and innovative solutions.

We cover all the portfolio of solutions and services of Big Data & analytics.